Therapeutic Options

Family Therapy:
When a stressor or change happens, it can often affect the whole family, family therapy will help facilitate change and development with the support and consideration of the whole family.

Individual Therapy:
For the child:
To individually help the child cope
with emotions and behaviors that are greatly affecting them internally and then expressing themselves externally. 
For the parent:
To help the parent cope with stress, by decreasing anxiety, increasing coping skills and facilitating support to discover and expand upon social supports. 

Play Therapy:
To help children express internal challenges that they are unable to or do not feel safe enough to express verbally. Through utilizing fantasy play, tray therapy and drawing therapy children are able to express themselves in a safe and non-threatening way.

Behavioral Therapy:
Commonly, children who have a disability or illness can express themselves in ways that seem to be challenging, Behavioral Therapy is offered to help understand the behavior and put together a Positive Behavior Support Plan to help the child still get what they are looking for in a more appropriate way. 

Parent Coaching:
To help parent(s) become the parents they want to be but find barriers in doing so. Parent Coaching is all about realistic tools to learn and then put in place in the home. All tools will be considered and adjusted according to your family and life needs. 

Medical Family Therapy:
Providing therapeutic services to children and families who are suffering with medical illnesses. Therapist will collaborate with medical providers to provide a "whole person" approach to therapy.

Fees of Service:

​Initial Assessment: 

60 minute Psychotherapy Session: $120.00

Check your insurance provider for coverage