Therapeutic Options

** No Therapeutic Options are available at this time**

Distance Parent Support:

Offering Parent Coaching and Support through digital email, support documents and phone calls.

Distance Behavior Support:

Offering Behavior Management Support through the utilization of Parent reported evaluations that help create a Positive Behavior Support Plan to best help and support the parent and child through difficult behaviors. 

Maternal Mental Health Support: Coming Soon

Offering distance support through blogs, group chats, private consultation via email or phone. 

-None of these services will be billable through insurance due to distance support methods.- 

Payment for Services:​

payment options can be changed at anytime, if a contract is already signed your payment choice stays what was agreed upon. 

Further details can be explained and discussed via email and phone.

Individual and Monthly plans are offered for basic communication. 
For Parent Support, Behavior Support and Maternal Mental Health Support

- Individual: Email $10, Phone communication $50 for every 30 min. 

- Monthly: $200.00 a month for unlimited email communication and 2 30 minute phone calls.

Behavior Support / Evaluations: 

- In order to provide adequate behavior support some outside work is needed after phone and email communication. If a Functional Behavior Assessment and Positive Behavior Support Plan is to be utilized a $200.00 service fee will be charged at a one time fee. Communication fees still apply.